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The art of making cartoon dolls (dollz) and Doll Makers. Use our huge dollmaker dress up games to create personalized dolls and send them by email! We have forums and chat dedicated to discussions and problems people have with creating dolls. The Doll Palace has a tremendous collection of doll graphics and pictures. Our new doll characters include Fantasy and Fairy Dolls, Gothic Dolls and Celebrity dolls that you can review and get the HTML doll code for your own site or profile. Old categories include Blondes, Brown, Red, Goth, Black, Holiday, Guys, Couples and Animated dollz. Play Dress Up Games and have Fun!!!

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Hello and welcome to The Doll Palace! I am Jessica, the owner.

06/10 - I guess it hurts to be away for some time ;)

Our Video games dolls are even better then before... Last week we published a lot of new characters and I think the time has finally come to create a new Dress Up Game.

To protect TDP user accounts we decided to start asking our members to change password every 100 days. During your next login you will see a screen inviting you to change your password.

04/01 - We've added a lot of new dolls, modified profiles and cleaned the accounts. I am very sorry that we had to remove some of the users. We are trying to make Doll Palace safer for kids so all of us can enjoy the games and community.

03/19 - Please take a look at our new cute Easter Bunny Dress Up Games. I really hope you will like it. Many new Video Game Dolls and new doll makers are coming soon.

Many of you saw the account changes message already. Please do not wait until the last day to send us your consent. If you see consent request after login your account will be affected.

02/15 - A lot of new cartoon dolls have been added over last couple of weeks. We tried to focus on Girl Portraits, but new base is coming in a day or two...

Today we published updates to our Privacy Policy. We will be making some changes to the accounts and parental consent in coming days.

12/31 - Happy New Year. We all wish you happy holidays and good luck in 2008.

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  Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip
04/08-Is This a Healthy Crush?
04/02-What s Hot And What s Not!
04/01-Easter Fun
03/25-Five Things to Do In Your Lifetime

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10/09- Article - Britney Spears
10/08- Article - WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW!?!?!?!?!
10/07- Article - The New Naruto Dollmaker
09/05- Article - OMG! Shopping!

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